Performing Artists

Glassnoise channels provide a perfect fit for all kinds of performers. If someone has visual content that is niche entertaining, niche provocative, niche useful, niche educational, niche challenging, niche funny – of relevant interest to the channel niche community – it is almost guaranteed they will get some public attention and the chance to make some money. Popular acts may qualify for live performances. Let us feature and promote your performance now.


All amateur content is welcome for member upload to our amateur showcase, whether it is good or stinks. Your work will be judged by the members as to whether it should advance to one of the Glassnoise Walls of Recognition™, like the Wall of Stars™ or be demoted to the Wall of Embarrassment™, a distinction in its own right. You can enter contests and make money, too. Subscribe to the newsletter to be up on the latest opportunities.

Professionals (doctors, lawyers, educators, financial analysts, scientists...)

Put your own sophisticated player on the Glassnoise network and embed it in your own web or mobile site. Let us help you promote, position, and fund it in a way that will reach and interactively engage viewers seeking your kind of content. Contact us directly to explore all of the possibilities you can exploit now.

Non-profit Organizations

Broadcast your content from your own advanced branded players without paying the high cost of doing that on your own. It doesn’t matter how big your library is. A space can be created on the Glassnoise network with your own look and feel, one you control, that you can afford. Your video player(s), which can be embedded on your non-profit web and mobile sites can receive donations funneled directly through your payment gateway, accept viewer comments, and can have all of the advanced distribution functions you could hope for. Live broadcasts are an option. Benefit from all of the promotional activities at Glassnoise to expand your audience and opportunities for funding. Don’t wait. Contact us right away with your hopes and questions by filling out our secure contact form now. We look forward to hearing from you.

Technical Quality

Glassnoise has partnered with industry leaders to provide video delivery over the world’s fastest and most secure private network. These technologies make it possible for our members to enjoy watching stutter free, full screen movies on their PC’s, MAC’s, cell phones and other mobile devices, and on their IPTV enabled home TV sets. Both 4:3 and 9:6 screen formats are supported on MediaPlayer, Quicktime and Flash. 

In short, your content will look and sound Great! anywhere in the world.

GET MORE INFORMATION about how you can take full advantage of the Glassnoise network to expand your audience and make more money.

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Video Producers

Let us help you attract more of your target audience to your videos presented on your own branded player you can embed on your own web site. Make money. Get current useful reports. Know your content is secure. All genres are welcome. Participate in contests for prizes and a chance to advance to the Glassnoise Wall of Stars™.

Content Owners, Distributors and Publishers

Successfully promote and monetize all of their titles across our network with one, or more, of your own custom branded Library, Showcase and Single Title players. Ask us about how you can take advantage of our channel features, technologies and promotions to monetize and promote your own web and mobile sites by participating with our syndication and joint venture models. Enjoy current useful reports and top notch security. Promote by cooping with us on our Glassnoise Walls of Opportunity™ program.

Flash and Game Producers

Special opportunities exist for producers of non-linear interactive movies on our network. We will work with you to reach, and keep, your audience by weaving your content into our special promotions and niche areas. Make money. Get useful reports. Participate in contests for prizes and a chance to advance to the Glassnoise Wall of Stars™.

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Expand your audience and make money on the Glassnoise network. Animation is a big deal here. Design your own branded player that you can securely embed on your own web site in addition to being featured and promoted by us. Stay in touch with your audience with meaningful reports. Participate in contests for prizes and a chance to advance to the Glassnoise Wall of Stars™.

Graphic Artists and Cartoonists

We’re looking for artists and cartoonists who want to participate with the Glassnoise look and feel as well as securely displaying and monetizing their work online and in Glassnoise publications.


Reach a bigger audience and make more money with your music videos on the Glassnoise network. All genres are featured and promoted in special Library, Showcase, and mobile players. If you reach reach the Glassnoise Wall of Stars™ .you may also appear on IPTV. Design your own Showcase player that you can embed on your own web site. Most all distribution methods are available through Glassnoise.


There are plans to add more and more International flavor to the Glassnoise properties. We believe there will be opportunities for really good translators to have some fun creating sub-titles and lyrics for overdubbing. We encourage interested parties to stay in tune with Glassnoise developments.

CONTACT US to explore unique publishing and revenue opportunities with Glassnoise.


Make money with your videos. Expand your audience and know who your audience is on the Glassnoise web, mobile, and IPTV network. Glassnoise channels offer a better alternative to content owners, and artists of all kinds, over big horizontal distribution methods where blockbuster hits rule and everything else is ignored. Our vertically focused channels are designed to co-promote each other and the many niche hits in their respective libraries. Aggressive promotional methods are used to drive viewers to our channels and engage them with the content. Don’t miss out. Take advantage of this opportunity. Contact us now!

Would you like to make money by exercising your creativity and business acumen producing one of the Glassnoise niches? Opportunities are limited. Contact us for more information about becoming a Niche Champion.

Promote & Monetize Your Content

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