• Inline video commercials that play before video programs on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis.
  • Embedded advertising incorporated into video programs as part of a video. Enhanced embedding allows viewers to engage with program content in realtime.
  • GlassAds™ that engage our members with single and serial promotional content they can interact with.
  • GlassProps™ deployed inside our reality web site environments.

Exclusive Promotions

  • GlassClaims™ sponsorship programs of exclusive and prestigious visibility integrated into specific popular Glassnoise properties. Stake a claim on a web page, feature set, live event, specific production, RSS feed, blog, newsletter or even an entire web site.
  • Comp with Glassnoise by providing cash and product prizes for contests and incentive programs held on the Glassnoise network.
  • Coop with Glassnoise and its partners – advertising, contests, public relations, philanthropy and physical novelty products.


    Glassnoise’s strategic partnerships make it possible to provide relevant data to advertisers and sponsors about the effectiveness of their promotional activities. Results are near immediate, secure and provided in easy to interpret reports.


    Advertisers and sponsors can rest assured their video and audio assets are protected from piracy with the latest and best technologies available.

Asset Management

    Ad campaign management tools are available that enable advertisers to manage their own programs. 

    Where sponsorships, coops, and interactive content is to be deployed, the Glassnoise Production Group works closely with clients, or their agencies, to develop and deploy the most engaging results possible at a reasonable cost.


Many opportunities are available to advertise and promote products and services on the Glassnoise network of web sites. Ask us about the following opportunities:

Promotional Opportunities

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