Site visitors can find vertically organized mainstream and niche content on all channels to satisfy a wide variety of interests. 

Content popularity and organization is driven by member participation with various interactive site features and the Glassnoise Marketing Department. This results in a potpourri of relevant content - live and recorded arts and entertainment, documentaries, movies, music, cartoons, inspirational, educational, contests, politics, news, medical health and wellness, bizarre and macabre, games, writing, production, philanthropy, memorials, history, soaps, technology, 3D simulation, yard and garden and local community.

Content is available in English with plans to unite members from around the world who speak many languages under a single international community presence.


To create an international community presence where all people on the earth can independently and collaboratively freely create for the enrichment of all. We have started with English. Spanish is next. Other languages will follow.


Our multi-lingual Founding Management Team brings experience to bear that is collected from years of success in the entertainment, advertising, sciences, publishing, animatronic and digital network industries including: ABC, CBS, NBC, ITV, CBC, Century II Motion Pictures, Media West, Russian Music Comedy Theater, Advertising Council, World Forestry Center, Smithsonian Institute, The Worlds Fair, Vickers & Benson, Nike, Intel, Vinton, Tektronix, Monsanto, Jantzen, Epson, MONY, U.S. Veterans Administration Medical Centers, Canadian Public Health and other government agencies, John Hancock Center, Boyds, major medical institutions, and religious broadcasters. 


Strong strategic partnerships with industry leaders support our ability to quickly adapt to market and technology changes. 

Our vision combined with their technologies makes it possible to reliably and rapidly deliver interactive video, audio, and 3D experiences to any personal computer, smart mobile device and IPTV capable television set anywhere in the world.

Flexible, secure monetization and near instant global measurement of user choices worldwide is nearly immediate.

With this business model it is possible to dynamically operate a diverse Internet presence that incorporates an aggregation of busy online communities, easily navigable channels and relevant syndicated content delivered with players, email, newsletters, RSS/XML feeds, blogs, forums and TV sets. 

This provides a satisfying playground for consumers – one that is uncluttered, intuitive, immersive, and absorbing.

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Glassnoise, Inc. is a Nevada corporation established in 2007 to exploit the Internet Long Tail Phenomenon with a family of digital TV channels accessible on personal computers, game boxes, popular mobile devices, and IPTV enabled home television sets. Major launches are scheduled for 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2007. To participate, publish, or advertise on a Glassnoise web property, click here.

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