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John's 1964 Record

In 1964, John released his first and only recording, John Hancock and His Piano Accordion on LP vinyl. Unfortunately, only a few of his wonderful classical performances were recorded. Fortunately for a few of us, we got to hear him play these classical works on his Excelsior. As a young man, John studied with Galla-Rini, dean of accordionists.

New Recording to be released!

1964 LP record Three years ago, John and his son, Dwayne, purchased the rights to the album you see here. Through most amazing circumstances, they were able to obtain the original master tape two weeks before some well meaning person threw out hundreds of archive masters to make room for something else. John’s album was saved from this trajedy, has been digitally re-mastered and will be re-released with new orchestrations that Dwayne will add. Four days before his death, Dwayne was able to play one track for John. Unable to respond for days, John smiled that hugh smile and said strongly, “I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.” If you want to hear John play it again on CD, add you name to the mailing list. Those on the list will have the opportunity to obtain pre-release copies.

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